10 More Reasons…

10 More Reasons to Join SABOR

  1. Code of Ethics

Since 1913, the Code of Ethics has stood for the honor, integrity, competency and professionalism of REALTORS® and the REALTOR® organization.

The REALTORS® Code of Ethics remains vibrant and alive; an evolving, dynamic, meaningful guide in our increasingly complex business and legal environment. The Code challenges REALTORS® and guides you in your dealings with clients, customers, the public and each other through its strict, objective but readily understandable ethical principles.

  1. Real Representation in Washington

Rated the 9th most powerful and influential lobbying organization, NAR’s Government Affairs representatives fight for REALTORS’® interests at the federal level in Washington, D.C., and work to put money in your pockets through legislative and regulatory activities. RPAC, the REALTORS® Political Action Committee, raises funds to support the political activities of Government Affairs and disseminates contributions to federal candidates and political parties.

  1. Real Value. REALTOR® VIPSM Program

As a true benefit of membership, you have access to the REALTOR® VIPSM Program and benefits that will help save you money and advance your career. With more than 760,000 members, NAR’s unprecedented purchasing power enables us to give you insurance/financial, technology, office/management and automotive offerings from industry-leading corporations who provide exclusive savings. In addition, you can take advantage of industry publications created to keep you well informed about pertinent issues, policies, and trends, along with sales and marketing solutions.

  1. Raising Public Awareness

Every year, NAR educates the public and policymakers about the benefits REALTORS® bring to the real estate marketplace. NAR’s public affairs professionals make sure that “The Voice for Real Estate” is heard loud and clear in the news media, the halls of Congress, the White House, and in countless public forums. Since the national advertising campaign “We’re REALTORS®. Real Estate is Our Life” began in July of 1998, more than 6,000 national television and radio spots have aired, delivering more than 4 billion exposures to the REALTOR® name, significantly increasing consumers’ understanding of the advantages of working with a REALTOR®.

  1. Generating Leads Online

Over 3 million potential homebuyers visit REALTOR.com each month to search the nation’s largest database of homes for sale, over 1.75 million homes across the country. REALTOR.com boasts a strong following and generates millions of leads with consumers averaging two visits a month, for an average of 13 minutes per visit — making it the #1 real estate destination. REALTOR.com also offers a full suite of lead generation and internet marketing products to support real estate professionals.

  1. Reducing Your Business Risk

Studies reveal that nearly 70% of all claims against real estate professionals are a result of misunderstanding. To help you minimize your risk, NAR offers training materials, references, and other publications that cover a variety of legal liabilities, industry trend and REALTOR® association topics.

  1. Information at Your Fingertips

Turn your computer into a powerful business resource with REALTOR.org, where you have access to an online community of REALTORS®, virtual library of periodicals, books and research materials, daily industry news, and government and legal updates from Capitol Hill. You also have access to the REALTOR® VIPSM online catalog, the REALTOR® Product Mall and customized weekly updates emailed directly to you on topics you choose.

  1. Increasing Your Knowledge and Business Success

NAR makes a continual effort to provide the very best in educational tools and programs for real estate professionals.

  • The all-new e-PRO was built by REALTORS® for REALTORS® and was developed and administered by one of the most respected real estate technology companies in the industry — InternetCrusade®. Increase your opportunities for real estate business success and effective client management by enhancing your Internet skills.
  • REALTOR® University Online is NAR’s Internet-based education delivery system where real estate professionals can take courses online for continuing education credit, professional development and designation certification.
  • Our At Home with Diversity Certification Course provides practical and simple ways to incorporate diversity into your business practices and increase your market share by focusing on must-know demographic trends, cultural differences and sensitivity, as well as techniques already employed by top producers.
  1. Expanding Your Skills and Contacts

REALTORS® see referrals and sales increase significantly from the networking and education they gain at the REALTORS® Conference & Expo, the industry’s premier event. Nearly 23,000 real estate professionals and guests from around the world attend this yearly event to learn about trends, technology, products and services to increase their productivity and competitive edge.
Stay on top of trends year round by reading REALTOR® Magazine, where you’ll find tips that can enhance your productivity, keep you on the right side of the law, and help you conduct a more successful business. Visit the magazine online at www.realtormag.com, where you’ll find Tool Kits and Advisors that provide key information and guidance to continue to expand your skills.

  1. The Strength of an Integrated REALTOR® Organization

The benefits you get from NAR are just the beginning. When you consider the benefits you get from REALTOR® state and local associations and NAR’s affiliated Institutes, Societies and Councils, it’s easy to see that membership in the REALTOR® organization is truly a valuable business asset.

For more information on any of these national programs or products, call NAR’s Information Central at 1-800-874-6500 or visit online at www.REALTOR.org.

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