Register Your Assistants

connectMLS will only allow for one login per name and password issued. It is imperative that you register your assistants with the Membership Department if they will be required to login and work on your behalf. The assistant paperwork will be processed within 2 business days and an email will be sent to the individual making the request. See link to registration forms below.

Once the Participant/Subscriber has been notified by email follow these steps:

  1. Go to the “setup” tab from the login page and click on “setup my assistants” add the assistant.
  2. The assistant will go to the login screen for connectMLS and click on “new user or forgot my password”. They will be asked for an email address (it is important that the email address given match the email address provided on the registration form). Almost immediately a reply will be sent providing the password.

Unlicensed Assistants to be included on Broker’s MLS Billing

  • To register an unlicensed assistant click here.
  • Unlicensed assistants registered with MLS will be billed at the rate of $24 per calendar quarter beginning 2nd quarter.
  • If an assistant is signed up after the first month of a calendar qtr. they will be assessed a prorated amount at $8 per month. (note: the proration only applies if the assistant was not on file the previous qtr.)
  • Brokers will be responsible for reporting to SABOR member services when an assistant is no longer with the office.

Licensed Assistants continue to pay the full MLS

  • To register a licensed assistant click here.
  • Licensed assistants will pay the full MLS fee.
  • In order for a licensee to be given assistant access they must be in the same office as the individual that they will be working as an assistant to.

The licensed assistant will use their own password for access and will have a choice upon logging to access either as themselves or the Participant or Subscriber they are assisting.

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