Supra Key System

Supra is your tool to show listed homes and SABOR offers a number of services through Supra including keyboxes, DisplayKeys and cradles, and eKeys.

Keys are issued at SABOR during regular business hours, Monday through Friday.

Accessing the eKey service requires a completed Supra Agreement. After this is done, SABOR’s Member Care Department will assign an eKey and a PIN to activate the service. Once this process is completed, a Member Care representative will provide you with an authorization code to activate the Supra App.

If you need additional assistance, please contact Supra at 1-877-699-6787 or visit


We offer competitive pricing on a full suite of Supra services as well as a refund for returning your DisplayKey and Cradle to use toward the upgrade of your choice.

Supra Service Cost
Keybox $119.08
DisplayKey Deposit $108.25
Phone or USB Cradle Deposit $108.00
Android/iPhone/Blackberry eKey fob $55.75
eKey Basic Service Increases MLS fee to $188.29 per quarter
Return DisplayKey and Cradle Refunds range from $135.06 to $189.19 depending on when the dKey was leased. A Reinstate fee of $108.25 is deducted from the refund credit if the member has been inactive from the MLS for two consecutive quarters and did not return the equipment.  Contact Member Care for details on the refund policy and the amount that will be refunded.
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