Maintaining the integrity of the MLS is vital to the success of all our members. Delivering accurate market information enables you to list and sell properties effectively and ensures you are providing the best service to your clients. We will make every effort to assist you in staying in compliance with the MLS Rules and Regulations. Please remember all listings must contain correct and complete information in the required fields.

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Listing Checker

Listing Checker reviews all listings for identified fields that should be checked for accuracy. If a discrepancy or inaccuracy is found in the listing, the broker, manager and agent will be notified by email and given 48 hours to correct the information or provide some explanation as to the discrepancy, otherwise a fine will be assessed.

Listing Checker currently checks:

Field MLS Rule Reference
Status of the Property Section 1
Map Areas Section 9.2
Public Remarks Section Section 9.2
Agent Confidential Remarks Section Section 1.2(a)
Land Use Section 9.2
Photos Section 1.2(b)
CAN Number (County Account Number) Section 9.2
Detail on Listings Filed with the Service Section 1.2
Scheduled Listings Section 1.3
Exempted Listings Section 1.4
Change of Status of Listing Section 1.5

Common Compliance Issues

In addition to the fields searched by Listing Checker, other common infractions in MLS that may result in fines include:


Violation MLS Rule Reference
Sharing of MLS passwords or Supra Keys
Failure to follow the showing contact information on the listing in MLS Section 2
Not entering the listing into the MLS within 72 hours of the listing agreement being executed Section 1.1.2
Not entering status changes within 24 hours of the occurrence Section 1.5
Failing to report sold information Section 2.6
Accessing a property without an appointment Section 2
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