Frequently Asked Questions


Who can I contact for support?

Please call SABOR’s Member Care Center at 210-593-1206, email, chat online with a Member Care Representative or come by the Member Care Center at SABOR Headquarters.

How do I update my contact information?

In order to change contact information you can email or login to IMS and update your information there.

Are there classes I can take to learn more about using the MLS?

Yes. We offer several classes to help you learn to navigate the MLS and understand the many functions available. Click here to learn more.

Is there a charge for MLS classes?

There is no charge for MLS classes. However, if you would like CE credit, there is a $10 fee per credit hour due at time of class.

How do I request a Letter of Good Standing?

Please email requesting the Letter of Good Standing. Please include your license number and the Board to which you would like us to send the Letter of Good Standing.

I’m having a problem with my license. Who should I contact?

All license issues should be directed to the Texas Real Estate Commission at 512-936-3000.


How can I recover my password?

In order to recover your password, proceed to the connectMLS login screen and click on the “Forgot your username or password” button. After clicking, you will be prompted to enter your email. If your email address matches the connectMLS records your username and password will be emailed to that address.

How do I receive a username and password to login?

Your username is your license number without the extra zero in the front. The first time you log on you will be given a password at random, then be prompted to change the password. Members will be prompted to change their password four times a year for security purposes.

How do I change the view on the MLS map?

The MLS map search defaults to Road view. If you would like to change the view to Aerial select “Aerial” within the map search.

My photos are missing on How can I fix this?

If fails to run your listing’s photos, you can email the first four photos directly to them. You will need to send an email to, put the MLS number in the photos’ file names and attach them to the email.

My photos are missing from How can I fix this?

If you are missing a photo from or are having problems with an MLS photograph, notify us at

My listing is showing up in the wrong place on the map. How do I fix it?

You can manually reposition your listing on the map by selecting “Reposition Listing” while editing your listing.

How do I email a report to a client or myself?

You will select the property you’d like to email the report on, then at the top of the screen look for the envelope icon that says “Email.” Once you click this, you will have the option to select the information to include and be given a template email to send.

How do I change the Selling Agent “Buyers” Agent name on a Pending or Sold Listing?

Under the Edit Listing menu, select Change Sales Data, type in the agent’s license number or search for their name.


How soon may I access the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) after joining?

In most cases members will be able to access the MLS within 1-2 hours after payment is made.

How can I view charges on my account?

To view specific charges to your account and pay outstanding invoices, login to your IMS account and scroll to “View/Pay your Invoices On-line.” From here, you can select “Pay Your SABOR and MLS Bills.”

I paid my dues/MLS fees late. Will I lose access to MLS?

If the MLS fees are not paid by the deadline, access to the MLS will be deactivated. Once payment is made and SABOR is notified, access is generally restored within a 2-3 hours. If payment is made after 5:00 p.m. or on the weekend, access will not be restored until the next business day. Annual dues must be paid in order to have access to MLS.

Will I be terminated from SABOR if I miss the deadline to pay my dues or fees?

If the annual dues are not paid, you will be terminated and the access to MLS will be deactivated. If the Annual dues are paid and the MLS fees are not, you will only lose access to MLS until the fees are paid.

I want to terminate my membership. How do I do that?

You must make your resignation in writing and may submit via email (, mail or fax. Should you owe any money at the time of your resignation, you will still need to provide payment. Should you choose to re-join at a later date and still have an outstanding balance, you may be denied reinstatement.

MLS Listing

Can I authorize some (but not all) MLS Participants to display my listings online?

No. If the listing is available for syndication you cannot limit the ability for some MLS Participants/Subscribers to display it on their respective IDX site.

Can listing information be modified when it is displayed by other MLS Participants?

Yes. The listing Broker/Agent can change the listing in MLS and the refreshed data will be made available when the IDX site is updated.

Can the MLS refuse to accept my listings if I do not allow other Participants to display them on their websites?

No. Requiring consent to display listings by other Participants is not a condition of participation in the MLS.

I changed brokerages. How do I transfer my listings?

Please complete this form with both Broker’s signatures and email the completed form to If the form is not received prior to the agent being transferred to the new office, the listings are moved under the previous Broker or Office Manager. When the form is received we can then move the listings under the specified agent.

What happens if I do not allow other MLS Participants to display my listings?

While this is not a violation of the MLS Rules, please keep in mind that by not allowing other Participants to display your listings, the property will not be getting maximum marketing exposure.


What is Internet Data Exchange (IDX)?

This tool provides members with the ability to allow consumers to search listings from your website. SABOR offers several options for you to implement this function including embedding a frameable link, working with a web designer or linking to

What is the benefit of IDX?

Today’s online consumer expects real estate professionals to provide extensive, quality online information when it comes to searching properties. With that in mind, it is essential you consider this expectation when developing your online presence. Internet Data Exchange, or IDX, provides you the ability to allow consumers to search listings from your website.

What is the difference between IDX and Listing Syndication?

IDX allows you to have a search function on your website to which you can direct consumers. Listing Syndication allows you to have your listings appear across multiple websites such as and, granting you maximum exposure for marketing properties.

Am I required to allow other MLS Participants to include my listings in IDX displays?

No. Per the seller’s instructions, MLS Participants may choose to withhold display either on all listings or on a listing-by-listing basis.

How do I authorize other MLS Participants to display my listings under IDX?

On the Media tab when editing your listing you may authorize your listings be displayed by other Participants.


How do I enter a Seller’s Agent who is not an MLS Participant?

When changing the listing to Sold or Pending, you will need to type “MLS” where you would normally type the agent’s last name. When you click “Search,” a non-MLS option will show for you to select.

If I updated my information with TREC, do I also need to update it with SABOR?

Yes. TREC is a separate entity from SABOR and changes made at one do not translate to the other.

Supra & eKey

What is Supra?

Supra is SABOR’s key and lockbox service, which is provided to all SABOR MLS subscribers. Electronic keys are provided to access lockboxes which store property keys.

Where can I purchase lockboxes? How much do they cost?

Members can purchase lockboxes at our Member Care Center at SABOR Headquarters. Boxes can be purchased during normal business hours. Click here for pricing.

Who do I contact if I have problems or questions about my lockbox?

If you experience issues with your lockbox service, please contact SABOR’s Member Care Center during normal business hours by calling 210-593-1206, emailing, accessing our Online Chat or stopping by. If you require assistance outside of normal business hours, please contact Supra at 1-877-699-6787.

I have a new phone. How do I activate my eKey?

You may call SABOR’s Member Care Center during normal business hours at 210-593-1206 for a new authorization code. For help after SABOR business hours, call Supra at 1-877-699-6787.

What is the eKey system? How much does it cost?

The eKey system is a key used to open lockboxes, however unlike other electronic keys, eKey is operated through your phone. Click here to view pricing.

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