Leadership Program

The Texas REALTORS® Leadership Program

All REALTOR® associations need a steady source of new leaders. Incoming professionals filled with the energy, commitment, passion and vision to meet the challenges of tomorrow. The Texas Association of REALTORS® has developed a new leadership program that allows local associations to expand upon and deliver to their members. This leadership-training program is a compelling resource for REALTOR® organizations to find ways to identify and nurture strong, future leaders.

The Texas REALTORS® Leadership Program consists of eight day-long modules, usually presented one module per month to a class of future REALTOR® leaders over an eight-month time frame. Two of the modules, Diversity and Spokesperson Training, come with 16 MCE hours total. However, the real value of the program is in developing quality leaders for the REALTOR® organization at all levels.

Meet the TRLP Graduates

Details & Testimonials – pdf

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