To learn more about our many committees, subcommittees, advisory groups, forums, councils and task forces, please browse the list below which includes a brief description for each group. Committees are seated annually, and applications for the following year are available typically in August/September with appointments announced later in the year.

Most meetings are open to all SABOR members. Meetings of the Board of Directors are open, and SABOR members are welcome to attend subject to space limitations. However, the Chairman of the Board may declare an Executive Session at any time and guests will be excused. Guests wishing to speak to a specific issue at the Directors meeting should register with the Chairman of the Board prior to the call to order. If a guest does not register for a specific agenda item, their input will be at the discretion of the Chairman of the Board.

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Committee applications are currently CLOSED until late 2020.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is SABOR’s governing body that meets monthly to discuss numerous topics and issues that directly affect REALTOR® members. Overseeing an annual budget and approving any reports or considering action items from committees is also an integral part of being a Board member. (REALTORS® only)

Affiliate Partner Advisory Group

The Affiliate Partner Advisory Group supports the SABOR Affiliate members by communicating consistently and by showing the value of advertising opportunities in an effort to increase the overall value of an Affiliate membership; focusing on strengthening the mutual relationship between the SABOR REALTOR® members and the Affiliate members; and cooperating with other committees, task forces and advisory groups by supporting events and efforts of those committees to other Affiliate members. (Affiliate members only)

Budget & Finance Committee

This committee provides a review of the budget, monitors the finances of the Board and reviews delinquent accounts. In addition the committee reviews and anticipates potential future income and expenses, then recommends methods of obtaining needed revenues and considers any polices that affect the financial condition of the Board. The committee is also responsible for monitoring the performance of Investment Management Firms as well as the Auditing Firm and overseeing the association’s operational funds set aside for investment. This committee is by appointment only. (REALTORS® only)

Bylaws & Policies Committee

The Bylaws & Policies Committee studies proposed revisions and amendments to the Bylaws; studies proposed amendments to the Board Policies and Procedure manual; properly words and places in Bylaws changes as directed by the Board of Directors; and submits published changes to all members at a General Business Meeting for approval. (REALTORS® only)

Diversity Committee

The Diversity Committee facilitates activities designed to increase diversity within the real estate profession, SABOR’s volunteer leadership, and SABOR’s membership; identifies general diversity and fair housing education needs in SABOR’s geographic jurisdictions and develops and promotes SABOR’s diversity and fair housing goals relative to these jurisdictions; advocates for changes in the real estate business practices that reflect the growing cultural diversity within Central Texas; shares diversity knowledge, expertise, analysis and information with other SABOR committees as appropriate; and develops and recommends policies and programs calculated to increase the diversity and inclusiveness amongst SABOR volunteers and actively engaged membership. (REALTORS® and Affiliate members)

Farm & Land Committee

The Farm & Land Committee promotes cooperation among Brokers specializing in farms, land, and transitional properties; and encourages the exchange of practical and professional information through marketing sessions, panel discussions, educational courses, and such other methods deemed expedient. (REALTORS® and Affiliate members)

Forms Committee

The Forms Committee develops and revises the Board’s standard real estate forms; reviews all forms used by SABOR periodically for completeness and adequacy; reviews all forms developed or revised by other committees; and reviews TAR and TREC proposed forms and submits comments/recommendations through the Board of Directors. It is appointed on an ad hoc basis as determined by the Chairman of the Board. (REALTORS® only)

Global Business Council

The Global Business Council shall encourage activities to increase interaction with the real estate professionals of other international organizations and foster global growth of real estate business that serves the local community. The Council will provide educational, networking and cultural awareness opportunities to encourage international real estate business focused on real estate investment inside and outside the U.S. Additionally; the Council will use programing to enhance the cultural diversity and marketing knowledge of SABOR members to broaden multi-cultural understanding within the real estate community. The Committee is not a policy –making body; however, recommendations and concerns shall be forwarded to the appropriate SABOR committee. (REALTORS® only)

Government Affairs Committee

The Chairs and Vice Chairs of each subcommittee within the Government Affairs Committee shall comprise the complete membership of the Government Affairs Committee.

The Government Affairs Committee establishes volunteer liaisons who serve as conduits to for elected officials to National, State, County, and local positions; remains informed of REALTOR® positions so as to inform governmental officials of the issues affecting the real estate industry; works with other organizations, community groups and business leaders on specific problem solving or issues affecting the community as it relates to SABOR’s public policy statement and as approved by the Board of Directors; monitors local, state and federal legislative activity affecting private property rights and the real estate industry and keeps the membership informed; assists in the activation and dissemination of Issues Mobilization requests to membership; recruits and educates new volunteers in political and campaign activities; monitors the various school districts in SABOR jurisdictions and informs the SABOR membership about pending issues and elections of interest; and increases member awareness of the need for political involvement on an ongoing basis. (REALTORS® only)

Housing Forecast Task Force

The Housing Forecast Task Force is appointed annually by the Chairman elect on an Ad Hoc basis and plans, coordinates, and implements the annual SABOR Housing Forecast program.

Leasing and Property Management Committee

The Leasing and Property Management Committee provides suggested professional operational procedures for SABOR members; reviews and informs the membership of legislation affecting rental property; and offers seminars and/or courses relating to property management. (REALTORS® only)

Military Advisory Group

The Military Advisory Group enhances awareness of serving the needs of current military members and veterans through education and assists in planning, coordinating and facilitating the special military education programming. (REALTORS® and Affiliate members)

Multiple Listing Service Committee

The Multiple Listing Service Committee governs operation of the Multiple Listing Service; recommends revisions, rules, regulations and forms; and maintains communication with the NAR and TAR MLS Committees. Members serve a two year term. (REALTORS® only)

Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development Committee researches and identifies potential business services that would benefit members in the growth of their business; educates on risk reduction strategies to reduce liability; educates members about the various regulations and requirements for “green” properties to assist them in the listing and marketing of properties; educates SABOR members about sustainability practices that could be implemented as part of their business practices; and assists the Board in determining new and innovated technologies that have potential for benefiting member services and products. (REALTORS® and Affiliate members)

REALTOR® Awards Committee

The REALTOR® Awards Committee shall be appointed on an ad hoc basis as determined by the Chairman of the Board to review nominations (and select recipients) for all committee awards.

REALTOR® Builder Committee

The REALTOR® Builder Committee promotes cooperation between REALTORS® and builders; works with both groups in the promotion of new home sales; prepares programs to be used by both organizations in the sale of new homes; hosts an annual Bus Tour; and hosts a Construction Class series. (REALTORS® and Affiliate members)

REALTOR® Image and Community Outreach Committee

The REALTOR® Image and Community Outreach Committee assists in promoting the value, professionalism and use of a REALTOR® including use of the REALTOR® “R” trademark and providing input on SABOR’s public property search site; assists in the planning and implementation of community service projects with SABOR’s Charities of Choice which increase member involvement and strengthen SABOR’s connection to the community; and identifies and encourages nominations of SABOR members for consideration of the Good Neighbor Award. (REALTORS® and Affiliate members)

Texas Association of REALTORS® Political Action Committee

The TREPAC Committee communicates to the membership the purpose, effectiveness, structure, value and benefits of investing in TREPAC; develops new and innovative events/programs to generate contributions to TREPAC; and encourages participation among the membership to meet participation goals set by Texas REALTORS®; encourage participation in the Lone Star Statesman, Capitol Club, Sterling R, Crystal R, Golden R, President’s Circle and related programs. TREPAC Committee members are expected to attend TREPAC events. The TREPAC Committee will be made up of not more than 20 members who can each serve two (2) year terms. The terms of the committee members will be staggered. Members may serve for two (2) consecutive terms and can be reappointed to serve another term after a period of one year from the expiration of served term.  If appointed to chairman or vice-chairman position, term will be extended. The TREPAC Committee will operate on the TREPAC calendar year which starts on October 1 and ends September 30. (REALTORS® and Affiliate members)

Texas REALTORS® Leadership Program (TRLP) Alumni Task Force

The TRLP Alumni Task Force encourages the continued development of leadership skills for graduates of the leadership program and promotes participation by graduates in appointed and elected offices within the Board and the community at large. (Past TRLP Graduates only)

Young Professionals Network (YPN) Committee

The Young Professionals Network fosters networking opportunities for the exchange of ideas affecting today’s young professionals and provides opportunities for SABOR members to get involved in community service initiatives. (REALTORS® only)

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