Can I use this picture I found online in my advertising?

Question: Can I use this picture I found online in my advertising?

Answer: The answer to the question is not unless you have a license for the use of that photo. The ease of finding photos to use in advertising material makes it seem like taking a photo from an online source should not be a problem. With the click of a button you can take an image and use it in your flyers, website, or emails. But unless you have the permission to use that photo you could be violating copyright law.

Copyright law protects individuals who create unique works whether it be pictures, music, writings or other works from the misuse or distribution of that work without just compensation. So the photo I took of the Alamo is my creation and no one is allowed to use it without my permission unless I chose to allow them to have a license. Obtaining a license is generally going to be for a fee. Additionally, most licenses restrict the way the material can be used and for how long.

So as you review the materials your agents are putting out to the public consider the source of the images or content being distributed and confirm all the proper permissions have been granted.

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