How to Update Your Contact Information in RAMCO

Updating your contact information in SABOR’s new membership portal is easy! Read below for a step-by-step guide on how to update your information in RAMCO. 

  1. On the SABOR member portal, log in with your six-digit TREC license number, with a zero at the beginning as your username.
  2. Then, use the password you set up in IMS, or if you have never logged in to a SABOR portal use the password of SABOR in all caps.
  3. Next, click login to access the portal
  4. Click “Update Your Profile” under your name on the home screen.
  5. Then select the information you would like to update. Under the “Main” tab you will be able to update your contact information, including email address and primary phone number.
  6. Once you’ve updated your information make sure to click “Update Profile” to save your changes.

For more information about RAMCO and to view video tutorials click here.

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