Apply to Serve at the State and National Level on Behalf of SABOR

Applications are opening soon to apply to serve on behalf of SABOR at the state and national levels. SABOR is accepting applications for National Association of REALTORS® Directors, Regional Vice President (RVP), Texas REALTORS® Director, and TREPAC Trustees. These are great opportunities to get involved at a higher level in the real estate industry and give of your time, talents, and expertise.

Read below for a description of each position and the links to apply:

Texas REALTORS® Regional Vice President

Prerequisites: Must be a primary SABOR member in good standing. Must have served on a Texas REALTORS® committee, task force, or have served on the Texas REALTORS® Board of Directors within the past three (3) years.

Duties include facilitating the Regional Caucus meetings at the Texas REALTORS® Winter and Convention Meetings, assisting in promoting Texas REALTORS® policies and programs within your region, assisting in promoting membership involvement at the state level, assisting in planning Texas REALTORS® regional meetings, and supporting other Texas REALTORS® officers in these meetings, and being available as a resource to local membership.

TERM: REALTOR® to serve a two (2) year term, as a single board region position has no term limits.

Applications are closed.

Texas REALTORS® Director

Prerequisite: Hold Primary SABOR membership, served on a Texas REALTORS® Committee, Task Force or on the Board of Directors in the past three (3) years.
Duties include attending the Texas REALTORS® Winter Meeting (February), the Regional Caucus (February & September) and Texas REALTORS® Annual Convention (September) and providing a written report to the Board of Directors following each meeting.
TERM: Texas REALTORS® Directors are appointed for a period of up to three (3) years and allowed to serve two (2) terms for a total number of six (6) years. Then a director must be off for one year before being allowed to reapply.

Applications are closed.

National Association of REALTORS® Director

Prerequisites: Must be a primary SABOR member in good standing. Must have served two (2) years on a SABOR Committee or serving, or have served, on the SABOR Board of Directors. Must have attended at least one NAR meeting within the last three (3) years.

Duties include attending the Mid-Year and Annual Conventions and reporting back to the SABOR Board of Directors. Directors must also attend the Governance Meetings and the Board of Directors Meetings.

Applications are closed.

TREPAC Trustee

Prerequisites: Must be a primary SABOR member in good standing. Must have served on either the SABOR Government Affairs Committee or the TREPAC Committee. Should not be serving on the Executive Committee as a SABOR Officer simultaneously. $110 Club level investor for the past two years prior to the application including the year of nomination and maintain a minimum $500 investment per year as a Trustee. Must be a registered voter. A graduate, or a commitment to be a graduate, of the Texas REALTORS® Spokesperson Training Program. Fundraising and advocacy knowledge and experience. Ability to plan, implement, and follow through on fundraising and administrative plans.

Duties include attending all meetings of Texas REALTORS® and TREPAC Trustees, whether called or regularly scheduled, and provide an update to the SABOR BOD. These meetings include:

  • Texas REALTORS® Winter Meeting (4 days) in February (mandatory)
  • New Trustee Orientation and Spokesperson Training and TREPAC Trustee Meeting (Austin)
  • During Legislative years: Trustee Meeting and REALTOR® Day at the Capitol (mandatory)
  • June TREPAC Trustee meeting (mandatory)
  • Texas REALTORS® Conference (4 days) in September – Trustee meeting (mandatory)
  • TREPAC/Government Affairs Orientation and Trustee Meeting in Austin (mandatory)
  • Optional: NAR Annual Conference (November) – highly recommended but at your own expense.

Attend local TREPAC events. Stay informed of Texas REALTORS® and NAR legislative issues. Promote a positive image of the democratic process and have the ability to be non-partisan and open-minded regarding Texas REALTORS® issues and affairs. Encourage political involvement and attend political functions within your district to become acquainted personally with candidates and officeholders. Research information on candidates within your jurisdiction to ascertain the feeling of the associations regarding candidates and officeholders including participating in the candidate interview process. Communicate with local associations, leadership, PIC, RVP’s, and Texas REALTORS® staff. Educate members on the value of their investment through education, communication, and participation. Develop a rapport with the leadership and members of not only the association of responsibility but with surrounding associations.

Applications are closed.


If you meet the qualifications for the position for which you apply, you will be contacted for an interview.

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