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Starting in January of 2021 classic view in connectMLS will no longer be available and modern view will become standard. It’s good to remember classic search will still be available along with modern search. Modern view is designed to be more convenient to use and has exclusive tools not available in the classic view. Before the change, be sure to familiarize yourself with the new features before January. To make the switch, simply click the “Switch to Modern View” link at the bottom of your connectMLS home page. 

 What features are available in Modern View 

  • Modern view uses a responsive design so that no matter what device you are using the layout adjusts accordingly. This feature makes using a tablet or smartphone to access connectMLS much easier and eliminated the need to zoom in and out repeatedly.  
  • The SmartBar is a feature that is displayed at the top of connectMLS pages. The SmartBar is a search tool that allows users to find listings and clients by simply typing in a few letters. As you type in your search the SmartBar will automatically display matching suggestions. If you click in the SmartBar without entering any search criteria you will be shown a list of your recent activity. By clicking on an entry, you will be taken to that page.  
  • The Enhanced Report is another tool available in modern view. This tool allows you to easily view scannable listing data with HD photos from any device. The report can be accessed by clicking the orange icon for any listings displayed in the SmartBar and can also set it as your default for browsing photos from the “My Defaults” section of your settings page. 

The features listed above are exclusive to connectMLS’s modern view and are designed to save time and make using connectMLS from any device simple. Make the switch to modern view today to start familiarizing yourself with the features before the launch in 2021.  

For questions of more information please contact or call 210-593-1206.  

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