Have you used the Private Listing Database yet?

Housed inside of connectMLS, the Private Listing Database (PLD) is a separate database of listings with modified requirements that allow you to enter private listings and comply with MLS rules while limiting distribution. It has fewer and different fields to be completed in order for the listing to be placed in the MLS. 

This database:

  • Is accessible by all MLS Participants
  • Has a quick entry format to allow inputting a listing in 3 minutes
  • Has no time frame requirement for how long a listing can remain there
  • Has no photo requirement, though photos may be uploaded if desired
  • Is excluded from all data feeds including IDX, VOW, BBO and syndication
  • Is available for all property types; however, the requirements of the Clear Cooperation Policy will apply only to property types designated under Residential: Single Residential, Condominium, and Multi-Family 2-8 units

The PLD was created as a result of NAR’s Clear Cooperation Policy, which went into effect on May 1st, and requires that within one (1) business day of marketing a listing to the public, the listing broker must submit the listing to the MLS for cooperation with other MLS participants.

When should you use the Private Listing Database?
In most cases, you may use the Private Listing Database to input a listing that may need more preparation, but public marketing has already begun. For example, the home may still need professional photography or a coat of paint, but a sign is already in the yard. You may also need to keep a listing off the General Listing Database to satisfy client requests for privacy about the home they are selling. The Private Listing Database will allow for listings like these to be input into the MLS.

Use this chart to help you determine with your sellers if your listing should be entered in the General or Private database.

What happens to a listing placed in the Private Listing Database? 

A listing in the Private Listing Database:

  • Allows agents to see it, but will not be made public for consumers
  • Does not accumulate Days on Market
  • Does not have links built in the listing for tax or ShowingTime functionality
  • Does not have the option for client reports or email reports to client

Where can I learn more?

Visit sabor.com/ccp to browse resources and other information including:


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