Community Service Member Spotlight: Dave and Kev

REALTORS® Dave Wilcox and Kevin Crawford both grew up in military families and have a great deal of respect for our men and women in uniform. One day in 2014 they decided that just saying “thank you for your service” wasn’t enough and put together a golf tournament to help raise a little money for some local San Antonio veteran organizations.

But to stand out in a sea of charity tournaments, they knew that it had to be more than just golf. It had to be a party on a golf course. The success of the tournament shocked them and they knew that they’d stumbled onto something big and couldn’t stop with just one event. 

Kevin Crawford (above) & Dave Wilcox

Following the success of their first event, Dave and Kev formed the Delta Kilo Foundation, a 501c3 organization, to help assist our US Special Operations Forces’ veterans and their families. War has changed and the Special Operations Community has been actively involved in peacekeeping missions all over the world nonstop. It’s a community that’s been ravaged by suicide, divorce and substance abuse. The Delta Kilo Foundation focuses on raising money to partner with other SOF organizations to provide these men and their families the support they need to not only survive, but thrive. 

While they’ve funded rehab stays, helped with bills that have piled up, provided families with Thanksgiving and Christmas meals, and filled in gaps wherever they could find them, Dave and Kev feel the most important thing they’ve accomplished is introducing the community to our SOF men and their families. Telling people their stories and making personal introductions to these heroes in the shadows helps the public understand what they do for us and the issues they face during and after serving. If more people are aware, more people can help. 

Dave and Kev are currently working on their next off-the-wall fundraiser in November: “Dave and Kev’s Super Fancy Redneck Prom” at The Rustic where attendees will have an opportunity to meet some of our American Heroes facetoface and have a lot of fun doing it. 

To learn more about how you can get involved, or get updated on future events, visit or

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