Notice of Tenant’s Rights Ordinance Passes

On Thursday, June 25, San Antonio City Council voted unanimously to adopt the Notice of Tenant’s Rights Ordinance which requires property owners to provide tenants with a notice of tenants’ rights upon delivery of a notice to vacate for non-payment of rent; and provides after an initial warning for first-time offenders, a penalty for non-compliance not to exceed $500.

To be compliant with this ordinance, a notice of tenants’ rights would have to be delivered within one business day of delivery of the Notice to Vacate for non-payment of rent. The ordinance is effective 30 days from June 25th.

SABOR worked with city staff on revisions to the ordinance to protect private property rights in the process.

The notice emphasizes that the notice to vacate does not require a tenant must leave the premises immediately and advises a payment with the landlord. It also outlines the eviction process and provides a link to a self-help information packet with advocacy information.

Notice | Proposed Ordinance

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