San Antonio, Bexar County Extend “Stay Home, Work Safe” Orders Through May 19 

Bexar County and San Antonio have extended their “Stay Home, Work Safe” orders and are in effect through May 19.

Here is what you need to know regarding the rules: 

  • Residential and commercial real estate are among the essential services that may continue to be provided. 
  • Local government operations, including county and municipal government operations relating to permitting, recordation, and document-filing services are available. 
  • Gatherings are still limited to household (except for essential or reopened services and outdoor activity).
  • Reopened services: Retail businesses, restaurants, movie theaters, and malls will be allowed to reopen May 1st at 25 percent capacity, as will museums and libraries. Bars, barber shops, gyms, and hair salons will remain closed. Businesses that violate the new capacity guidelines could be fined or lose their license.
  • A face mask is required for everyone 10 years of age or older when visiting a public space where it is difficult to stay 6 feet away from others.  
  • A civil or criminal penalty will not be imposed on individuals for failure to wear a face covering, consistent with the Governor’s order.  
  • Employers that are essential services and reopened services must provide face coverings to employees who are working in an area or activity which will necessarily involve close contact or proximity to co-workers or the public where six feet of separation from other individuals is not feasible.  
  • Evictions: moratorium on eviction procedures until May 18. Trials, hearings, and other procedures are suspended: however, landlords could file for eviction and the case could be heard in Bexar County Justice of the Peace Courts in circumstances which present an imminent threat of (i) physical harm to the property owner, their employees, or other tenants, or (ii) criminal activity. 
  • Foreclosures: foreclosure proceedings within Bexar County are temporarily suspended during the pendency of this Executive Order to prevent the displacement of occupants during the public health emergency. 

For a copy of each order: see below.  

Bexar County Order
San Antonio Order


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