Renter’s Commission Update

On June 11, 2019, Councilmember Treviño submitted a Council Consideration Request (CCR) for a discussion of the establishment of a Renters Commission to advise the City Council on matters related to rental housing to include housing production, accessibility, renter laws/rights, public health and safety, and other matters that impact renters and landlords.

SABOR continues to stress the importance of not duplicating the city’s time, resources and efforts in creating an entirely new commission. San Antonio has roughly 10 -12 housing-related boards, commissions, and committees already in existence with capabilities of addressing the needs of the rental community. SABOR is recommending adding more renter representation to these bodies where appropriate, specifically the newly created Housing Commission.

The Housing Commission (HC) was reconstituted in January 2019 to oversee the implementation of San Antonio’s Housing Policy Framework. The HC’s charge focuses on the varied housing needs of San Antonio as a whole, including issues affecting renters and/or homeowners. Over the past year, the HC has been involved in a wide variety of issues including the Risk Mitigation Fund used primarily to assist renters at risk of displacement and concerns related to San Antonio Housing Authority evictions. Two of the five at-large Housing Commissioners are renters. There are nine total commissioners.

At the January 15th Governance Committee, City staff recommended the creation of a Renters Commission be addressed in the Strategic Housing Implementation Plan that is currently underway. The Implementation Plan will identify the roles and responsibilities of each of our housing partners to include the City, San Antonio Housing Trust, San Antonio Housing Authority, Housing Commission, and other partners. It will also include needs and opportunities that are not being addressed and recommend the appropriate entity for action. The draft Implementation Plan will be presented to the Planning and Land Development Committee in June.

Members of the Governance Committee supported the creation of the Renters Commission and requested that the Culture & Neighborhood Services Committee (CNSC) consider its creation at its next meeting. Staff will provide an overview of the CCR and a briefing on the Implementation Plan in an effort to facilitate a discussion on the creation of a Renters’ Commission and the next steps.

On February 4th, the Renters Commission Call for Action was sent to 10,504 SABOR REALTOR® members.

Broadcast email – sent Tuesday, February 4 at 12pm ET

  • 200 REALTORS® took Action, out of 10,504 who received an alert, for an Action Rate of 2%
  • Realtor Party Mobile Alerts – sent Wednesday, February 5 at 1 pm ET
  • 48 REALTORS® took Action, out of 1,450 RPMA Subscribers who received an alert, for an Action Rate of 3%
  • Overall, 347 Actions were taken, out of 10,504 REALTORS® who received an alert, for an overall Action Rate of 3%.

On February 10th, the Council Subcommittee on Culture and Neighborhood Services held its first meeting. Council makeup of the Committee includes Treviño (Chair), Courage, Rocha Garcia, Andrews Sullivan, and Perry. Testimony was given by multiple REALTORS® and property managers in attendance expressing their concerns about the Renters Commission and urging City Council to not vote this policy through. The Subcommittee voted to continue the discussion and encouraged city staff to elicit more public engagement in the process as the policy proposal continues to be vetted.

At both the March and April Subcommittee meetings, City staff will provide further input on the public engagement process, such as feedback from the Renters Commission Town Hall scheduled for February 29th as well as Focus Groups that will be set up to determine the level of need, if any, a commission will have and what the exact representation would be.

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