SABOR Primary Members Dues and Fees Change

Beginning in 2020, all primary members of SABOR will receive an estimated $71* savings in their total cost of membership to our local association! 

*Estimate based on basic membership cost

Here’s what this looks like going forward:

​This is made possible by our switch to ShowingTime as our showing service provider, which allowed us a savings that we want to pass on to our members.

You will see this estimated $71 decrease over the course of the coming year and subsequent years.

Here’s how this will work:

Your MLS fees will be decreasing by a total of $84 for the year. This is a combination of a $13 reallocation in dues and a $71 reduction in fees. This means the final savings you’ll receive is a net estimated savings of $71 for the year.

When will you see the savings?

The savings will be spread across your quarterly MLS fees billing.

Don’t forget: The State Association, Texas REALTORS®, has an increase you’ll see on your dues bill:

Texas REALTORS® is reinstituting the Issues Mobilization and Political Advocacy Fund* assessment of $30, which will be included on your annual bill you’ll receive on November 1. They will also be maintaining the $5 Legal Fund Assessment. Your annual dues bill includes dues for your membership in the national, state and local associations.

So, where do your dues go exactly?

Here’s a handy chart showing just how your dues are allocated between state, national and local. You can also click here for a more detailed breakdown.

As a reminder, annual dues will be billed November 1 and your first quarter MLS fees will be billed on December 10.

If you have any questions, give us a call at 210-593-1206 or email us at

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