SABOR Helps Change BCAD’s Sales Price Disclosure Survey

Recently, SABOR leadership had the opportunity to sit down with representatives from the Bexar County Appraisal District (BCAD) to discuss a sales price confirmation survey being sent out to recent homebuyers and sellers.

This survey caused some confusion by making it seem like the homeowner is required to share their home’s sales price. In response to this, SABOR sent a letter to BCAD requesting a change to this process, and we were invited to meet them in person last week. As a result, we are pleased to announce that the sales price confirmation survey has now been modified to include language better illustrating the voluntary nature of the letter. While the letter will still be sent to buyers and sellers, the survey no longer provides the impression that a response is mandatory.

SABOR believes there continues to be a need for BCAD to reexamine its methodology in determining uniform appraisal practices. While SABOR recognizes that a tactic to obtain sold information, such as the Sales Confirmation Survey, is not illegal, the implications created by the letter appeared to be an attempt to subvert the longstanding position of the Texas Legislature to not require disclosure of such information.

We appreciate the appraisal district’s willingness to not only hear us out but also make significant changes to the survey. Moving forward, SABOR will continue to educate its members about this notice and the potential impact submitting the survey will have towards an owner’s property taxes.

To view a copy of the previous survey, as well as the new survey with the revised language, click here.

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Read the video transcript here.

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