Potential Residential Renters Commission for San Antonio

SABOR’s Government Affairs team is closely monitoring an issue taking place currently at City Council. The issue involves a Council Consideration Request (CCR) that was filed asking for the creation of a Residential Renters Commission in an effort to help a growing portion of San Antonio’s renter population.

The commission would be the first of its kind for a municipality in Texas and would look to model the commission after the City of Seattle’s. The creation of the commission would be made up solely of residential renters from different backgrounds to advise the City Council on matters related to affordable housing accessibility, transportation, green and other public space, land use, renter laws/rights, public health and safety, education, economic growth, and life in San Antonio.

City Council’s Governance Committee could consider the request at any time. As chair of the Governance Committee, Mayor Ron Nirenberg has full discretion of what gets on its agenda.

While the CCR calls for the commission to be made up of renters only, composition of the commission among other things would be up for discussion. The intended goal of the CCR is to be inclusive and have a diverse commission, but one where renters feel like they have a voice.

The Renters Commission would make recommendations on policies and how they may impact rental housing, especially as the City develops a coordinated housing system laid out in the Mayor’s Housing Policy Framework.

Princeton University’s Eviction Lab, which used 2016 data, found that more than 9,800 evictions took place in San Antonio that year. The city’s eviction rate (evictions per 100 renter homes) is 4.1 percent, roughly 2 percentage points above the national average. The causes and circumstances surrounding evictions would likely be a priority topic for the renter’s commission if it’s created.

SABOR is closely monitoring the requested proposal to see what action, if any, City Council will take on the matter.

For questions, please contact the Government Affairs staff at legislative@sabor.com.

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