SABOR Announces New Showing Service Provider

When it comes to conducting your business, we know that having the most effective and relevant tools can make all the difference. And the showing service members use is one of the most important tools you have. That’s why our MLS Committee has taken steps this year to evaluate Centralized Showing Service (CSS), as well as its competitor ShowingTime, to ensure our members have the best tool available.

Click here for a list of training dates to learn about ShowingTime.

As a result of this process, the MLS Committee determined that ShowingTime is a better resource for our members and recommended that the Board change services. The Board of Directors accepted this recommendation.

This means that on November 5, SABOR will switch to ShowingTime as its showing service provider. This change will not result in an increase in MLS fees.

While this is a significant change, we are confident it is one that will help our members offer even greater service to their clients and ultimately help each of you be even more successful. Members of the MLS Committee worked tirelessly to evaluate the pros and cons of each showing service, performing extensive research including contacting clients of ShowingTime to make sure that what the company offers really is superior. And the overwhelming opinion from other associations that made the switch is that ShowingTime has vastly exceeded expectations, at a better price, and been the best decision for their members.

Here are just some of the reasons switching to ShowingTime makes sense:

  • ShowingTime’s live appointment center reports an average answer time of 12 seconds
  • Their live appointment center service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year – the first showing service to offer this
  • ShowingTime has an entire product team that improves on its mobile app every month
  • ShowingTime’s appointment center staff and technology are connected through the internet, meaning they can seamlessly divert calls from one call center to another to ensure the highest service level to clients
  • They offer peer-to-peer messaging between agents so they can communicate more easily and be notified in the manner they prefer (i.e. text message, mobile app notification, email, etc)
  • Across the board, ShowingTime’s interface, whether on a laptop, tablet or phone, is more intuitive, easier to use, and more robust

Click on the thumbnail above for a comparison chart of the two providers.

The full transition to ShowingTime will occur on November 5 at 8:00 a.m., but in the meantime, we will be providing further information to members on this new service and communicate updates and reminders of the transition as it grows closer. We will be working to ensure a smooth transition.

As part of the transition, we will provide live training at SABOR as well as webinars to help members learn the new system. Be on the lookout for further information on the many attributes of ShowingTime in the coming months and how you can prepare for the conversion.

We are so excited about this new product and know it will provide greater value and level of service to our members. We look forward to launching ShowingTime and value your feedback during this transition. You may send your comments to

As always, we appreciate all you do and thank you for your membership.

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