City of San Antonio Cracking Down on Building Permits

As the frequency of house flipping has increased throughout the last several years in San Antonio, the Development Services Department (DSD) has begun to crack down on homeowners and contractors doing work without a permit. DSD has developed a Strike Force team of Code Enforcement officers to target construction and remodeling projects to ensure that these updates to homes are being done with the proper permitting. Read more

National Flood Insurance Program Extended to December 20

On November 21, President Trump signed a temporary spending bill that includes funding the National Flood Insurance Program until December 20. The NFIP, which was set to expire November 21, is being extended as part of the Continuing Resolution to keep the government operating while Congress works on 2020 appropriations measures over the next month. Now that NFIP is attached to the CR, there is less chance of a lapse in December. Read more

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