City of San Antonio Passes Short-Term Rental Regulations

On Thursday, November 1, the City of San Antonio amended Chapter 16 of its Unified Development Code making the first-ever provision for regulations of short-term rentals.

The proposed ordinance originated in February 2017 by former Councilman Mike Gallagher and was adopted by City Council majority vote after a series of taskforce, general, and public meetings. In December 2017, SABOR opposed the initial draft ordinance citing issues with the in-person application, permit fees, and city inspection requirements. Through a series of advocacy efforts including member participation in our Calls for Action campaigns in early spring, we have been able to remedy the most offensive nuances of the initial draft. However, SABOR remains unconvinced that there has been sufficient evidence provided by City leaders to support a density threshold of 12.5 percent per block for non-owner occupied short-term rentals as outlined in Section 35-374.01(c).  With your support, we will ask city leaders to revisit specifics of the ordinance after the first year of implementation and would like to receive your responses as you navigate adherence to the new regulation.  Send your responses to or call your Government Affairs Department at 210-593-1200 to present concerns as they arise.

Next Steps

The new regulations on short-term rentals became effective November 1, 2018, and apply to any residential dwelling unit, apartment, condo, or accessory unit that will receive overnight guests for more than 12 hours and less than 30 consecutive days.  Click here to view requirements and to prepare for compliance on or before February 11, 2019. Download a permit application and other requirements here.

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