New HOA Form in connectMLS Coming September 10

Due to the fluid nature of HOA Organizations, and in an effort to have more accurate data, SABOR is implementing a new process for entering HOA information into connectMLS. The seller will now be able to provide their property’s HOA information on a new form.

Where can I find the form? The HOA form will appear in connectMLS under the “Forms” dropdown with the “Listing Input Forms.” Up to four HOAs may be included per listing. You may also click here to see the new form.

Who fills out the form? The seller is able to provide their HOA information on the form given to them by the listing agent. Since the seller has the relationship with the HOA, this will streamline the data collection process. Some HOAs may have the form already filled out. Agents will enter the HOA information with the listing; this form is recommended to collect comprehensive data. Any changes from the HOA affecting the property should be conveyed to the listing agent during the term to the agreement.

What do I do with a completed form? When the HOA form is completed, it will be used in conjunction with the listing input form for agents to add the data to connectMLS. The form can be included in the associated documents once the data has been entered.

How does this affect my current listings? Listings that are active when the change is implemented will have the HOA data stored as submitted previous to the change.  However, you will be able to update the information if needed.

When does this change go into effect? September 10

To see previously collected HOA contact information click here. Note: This information may be out of date.

We are constantly working on improving and updating our systems and processes to keep information accurate and timely.  If you have any questions, please contact Member Care at or (210) 593-1200. We are happy to assist you.

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