D-Key Daily Updates Coming February 19

Beginning February 19, 2018 daily updates will be required to your DisplayKEY, or D-key. Key updates occur automatically through your cradle, and take approximately 2 minutes. 

What Does This Mean?

Daily updates means automated regular information sent to your DisplayKEY including automatic key authorization through the cradle/charger, personal showing activity and updated KeyBox settings.

Changes happen every day with listings, and daily updates will ensure the information on your D-Key is up-to-date so you don’t waste time or miss out on providing the best service possible for your clients.

How Will This Work?

Automatically update the information in your DisplayKEY and send data to the Supra network by daily placing it on a cradle that also serves as your battery charger. The DisplayKEY cradle connects to the Supra network through a phone line or through a USB cable connected to your computer.

Please make sure your cradle is working. If you need a new one, you may purchase one from SABOR.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact SABOR’s Member Care department at support@sabor.com.

Learn More By Watching this Two-Minute Video:

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