What’s New on the REALTOR® Academy Website

The new REALTOR® Academy website is simple to use and easy to navigate. Here’s an overview of what you’ll see.

  • Calendar. The calendar is laid out just like a traditional calendar, in a grid, making it simple to scan quickly to find the classes that meet your schedule needs. Also, you can hover over courses to see the times they are offered, before clicking through and reading the description and registering.
  • Maps. Right on the landing page for the site is the information on both locations as well as maps to each.
  • Testimonials. Learn why others chose the school, and how it helped them in their career. We’re still adding to this page, so if you have a testimonial you’d like to share, email communications@sabor.com.
  • Meet the Faculty. Get to know the instructors at the school, and when you see their names listed on the calendar, you’ll be able to connect a name with a face. (note: instructors are continuing to be added to this page)
  • Frequently Asked Questions. Have a question? Check the FAQ for the most commonly asked questions and their answers.
  • Need more help? Simply email our REALTOR® Academy team at info@realtoracademy.com.

Visit www.realtoracademy.com to explore the site.

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