High Definition (HD) Photos Now Available in connectMLS

High Definition (HD) photos that have dimensions 1920 x 1080 (and above) are now supported for listings in connectMLS. This is in addition to the other three sizes that are supported (Large, Medium, Thumbnail) and, as such, you are now able to upload and view true, HD photos. These dimensions are ideal for larger screens and large-scale printed pieces.

Any photo with dimensions larger than 1920 x 1080 will be resized to those dimensions, while preserving the aspect ratio. Photos with dimensions less than 1920 x 1080 will be sized down to the second largest option (640 x 480).

Accessible from the Enhanced/Mobile-Friendly Listing Report (“Modern View” Only)

To accommodate the larger photo size, HD photos are displayed within the Mobile-Friendly Listing Report which was made available with connectMLS V5.0 earlier this year. (click here to learn more about its other exciting features).

Clicking a photo in the carousel in the enhanced report displays the HD photo in a re-sizable/scalable viewer.

New “All HD Photos” Report

A new report called “All HD Photos” is available from the Search Results reports dropdown menu. This report will display a single, large photo per printed page.

connectMLS Modern, Client Portal Displays HD Photos

When you email listings to your clients to view in the connectMLS Modern Client Portal, if HD photos have been uploaded to the listings, your clients will be able to browse them when they click on the photo in the default view.

NOTE: HD photos are not available in the following scenarios:

  1. The page seen when you send listings via “one-time email.”
  2. The connectMLS-provided IDX frame, at this time.
  3. If your clients are using the “Classic” portal, but this is unlikely since the default is the “Modern” portal.

Enhanced/Mobile-Friendly Report Accessible from SmartBar or Photo Browser

The Enhanced/Mobile-Friendly listing report, as well as its photo browser (which has been updated for HD photos), can be accessed from SmartBar search results by clicking the orange “pop-out” icon.

In addition, you can see the enhanced report by clicking the “View in enhanced report” link from the bottom of the classic photo browser (currently displayed when clicking on a photo throughout connectMLS).

Make the Enhanced/Mobile-Friendly Report your Default Photo Browser

The first time you visit the enhanced report from the photo browser, you can choose to display the new report by default when browsing photos, or can set a reminder to revisit the option after 24 hours.

You can also change your default view to the new, HD-friendly photo browser by navigating to the Settings/Sign Out menu and selecting the “Enable enhanced report when browsing photos” link from the “My Defaults” section.

Classic Photo Manager has been Discontinued

Due to the need to support HD photos, the last access point to the “Classic” photo manager has been discontinued and removed from the “Media” tab in the listing input module. This access point was only available from the “Classic” view of connectMLS.

Important Things to Know when Viewing, Uploading & Printing More & Bigger Photos

  1. If you still use the “Classic” view of connectMLS, HD Photos can only be viewed in the “All HD Photos” report. This is because the “Mobile-Friendly Listing Report” is only available in the “Modern/mobile optimized” view.  As indicated on prior occasions, fewer and fewer updates will be made to the Classic view before it is phased out. To switch to the Modern/mobile optimized view, click the “Switch to modern/mobile optimized view” link at the bottom of the “My MLS” page.
  2. Your Clients will see HD photos where present if they click on a photo in any listing report you send them, so you may want to be familiar with the HD Photo viewer and consider the new photo size when uploading images to your own listings.
  3. It takes longer to process higher definition photos, so when processing a full batch of 25 photos, you should expect to wait several minutes (as much as 10) for some photo upload sessions.
  4. Prior to printing HD Photos in the “All HD Photos” report or more photos in any of the “Supplemental Photos” reports, SABOR suggests you use Print Preview to determine the number of pages these reports will print or use the Download as PDF function.

If you have any questions or need additional support, please contact support@sabor.com.

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