San Antonio Voters Elect New Mayor and Six New Council Members

The June 10th runoff results for San Antonio mayor and six council seats are in, and the city will soon welcome its new mayor and six new council members to office. In an unusual turn of events, the runoff elections saw increased voter turnout from the general elections. Just over 13 percent of the city’s registered voters turned out for the election, a slight increase from the 11 percent that turned out for the general election.
Although Ivy Taylor garnered the most votes in the May general election, she was unable to pull a win in the runoffs.  Ron Nirenberg won 55 percent of the vote to Taylor’s 45 percent ending Taylor’s 3 year tenure as mayor.
Four of the city council seats were decided in the primary, leaving six council seats  (Districts 1, 2, 6, 8, 9, and 10) up for grabs at the runoff election. District seats 3, 4, 5, and 7 were decided in the general election.  The final results are as follows:
District 1
Michael Montaño     48%
Roberto Treviño    52%

District 2
William “Cruz” Shaw  56%
Alan E. Warrick             44%

District 3
Rebecca Viagran    62%

District 4
Rey Saldaña        78%

District 5
Shirley Gonzales    65%

District 6
Greg Brockhouse         52%
Melissa Cabello Havrda   48%

District 7
Ana Sandoval        50%

District 8
Manny Pelaez       55%
Cynthia Brehm        45%

District 9
Marco Barros        47%
John Courage     53%

District 10
Clayton Perry       53%
Ezra A. Johnson     47%

Each of the city bond propositions and school board propositions passed, and all of the Bexar County propositions passed. Several cities near San Antonio also had mayoral elections. Castle Hills reelected Tim Howell, Helotes reelected Tom Schoolcraft, and Kirby reelected Lisa B. Pierce for mayor.
Thank you to all of the SABOR members who voted in this year’s city elections. As a member of the REALTOR® party, you help elect officials who share our REALTOR® values, and who appreciate the hard work you do as a real estate professional.

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