Coming February 21st – connectMLS Version 5.0

In the next few weeks, you will have the option to switch to the new, modern connectMLS 5.0 version that we are releasing soon! Some highlights include:
1. Enhanced Look and Usability – Desktop and Mobile Devices
2. Improved Mobile Experience
3. “SmartBar” Addition- a Dynamic, Predictive, and Intuitive Search Tool (See below for further information). Once released, you can sign into connectMLS for complete details and instructions.
Enhanced Look and Usability:
Industry standard icons have replaced tabs for a streamlined, modern user experience throughout connectMLS, providing consistence across all devices. A neutral color scheme has also been updated to avoid clashing with brokerage branding colors, and to maintain the professional feel overall.
Improved Mobile Experience:
connectMLS 5.0 uses responsive design to identify the screen dimensions for a device and adjusts the layout accordingly. This ensures intuitive, user-friendly navigation when accessing connectMLS from any computer, tablet, or phone. Large buttons and menus have been implemented to provide an app-like design while maintaining full functionality.
The “SmartBar”- a Dynamic, Predictive, and Intuitive Search Tool:
The SmartBar is located at the top of every screen in connectMLS 5.0. As criteria is entered into the SmartBar, it displays Clients, listings, and Agents that match the search in real-time. Immediate navigation to the page is available by clicking on the displayed result. For example, the criteria “tom” will display a Client named “Tommy Thompson” as well as listings on “Tomahawk Trail”. It also stores all recent activity, and displays the information upon clicking in the SmartBar without entering criteria.

The new connectMLS 5.0 will launch on February 21.

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