Using NAR’s Trademark in Your Business

As an NAR member, you are encouraged to use the REALTOR® trademark in your business to market yourself as a real estate professional. However, it is important that you use the membership marks responsibly. There are many different ways the marks can be used, and there are different rules for each use.

For example when using the term REALTOR® with a NAR member’s name:

  • You must have all letters capitalized and separated from your name, example “REALTOR® John Doe”
  • The marks are not meant to be used as a descriptive detail or a vocational description such as licensee, broker, or agent.
  • Also, the marks are not to be used as a designation of a person’s licensed status.
  • The term REALTOR® can be used as a Salutation or in a person’s Signature.

To learn more about NAR’s logo and trademark rules visit

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