January 2017

Marketing Your Listing on Facebook

The features Facebook provides to you as a user can be harnessed to be a marketing tool for your business. Recently, Facebook has implemented new features that allow REALTORS® to market their listings in new, user friendly ways. Check out these 5 features that can help you get more visibility for your listing. It is important to speak with your clients and make sure they consent to making their home public. Read more

The 2017 Housing Forecast Review

The Housing Forecast event on January 5, 2017 featured presentations from a diverse group of speakers.
To view each presentation, click the links below – pdfs.
Dr. Mark Dotzour – Approaching the Red Line
Brandon Ross – Parks & Recreation
Isidro Martinez – What is an MPO?
Jenna Saucedo Herrera – Propelling San Antonio
Kathleen Wayson – Global Listings Exposure
Pat Strong – Generational Differences
Robert Melvin – Alternative Housing
Tomas Martinez – Luxury Homes
Tray Bates – Commercial Market Overview

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