Props 1 and 7 Approved by Landslide

In last November’s election, Texas voters approved seven constitutional amendments, two of which are game changers for the Texas real estate economy – Propositions 1 and 7.

These two propositions accomplish several important things – increasing the homestead exemption, providing long-term sustainable transportation infrastructure funding and permanently prohibiting sales tax on real estate. Both propositions passed with over 85 percent of the vote, making it clear that Texans absolutely understand the importance of real estate to the overall economy.

Sadly though, this decision, good though it may be for Texas, was made by only 11 percent of the voting population. This means millions of Texans were not heard. In Bexar County, the numbers are even worse, with only eight percent of voters coming out to the polls. Propositions 1 and 7 passed, and they passed with overwhelming support. But, can we count on that support next time? Not if we take it for granted.

As REALTORS® we must do our part to change this culture of apathy. Fortunately, REALTORS® are uniquely suited for grassroots mobilization. You are a trusted source for your network of clients and vendors. Bring voter registration cards to closings, touch your database with reminders to vote and share articles like this on your social media. Working together, we can ensure Texas continues to be the best place to own real estate.

November 3 is past, but March 1 is coming soon. Vote. Let your voice be heard.

If you have any questions about the recent election or how you can get more involved in political issues, contact Justin Landon, SABOR’s Government Affairs Director, at

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