How is TREPAC Working for You?

If real estate is your profession, politics is your business. And no one protects the real estate industry or your bottom line like the Texas Association of REALTORS® Political Action Committee (TREPAC). TREPAC is a voluntary, nonprofit group of Texas REALTORS® dedicated to preserving the private property rights of Texans. TREPAC supports candidates for federal, state and local offices who demonstrate their support for homeownership and the real estate economy.

TREPAC seeks to create a favorable business environment where REALTORS® can make a profit, protect the rights of property owners and enable the free exchange of property. It has a long history of defending your earnings, preserving the health of the real estate industry and advocating for property owners and real estate consumers.

In the past few years TREPAC has fought a host of damaging legislative proposals, including exceptions in the Deceptive Trade Practices Act for real estate brokerages as long as the broker or agent hasn’t committed an unscrupulous or illegal act. Measures eliminating most private transfer fees on real estate transactions and increasing consumer protections in eminent-domain proceedings can be attributed to TREPAC. It has also helped pass numerous HOA-reforms to increase homeowners’ rights and promote more efficient, transparent and effective HOA management. TREPAC has even prevented a property tax from being imposed on REALTORS®’ personal vehicles.

Simply put, without TREPAC, Texas would not be one of the best places to buy and sell real estate in the country. Americans are moving here to profit from our strong economy and staying because of our commitment to keeping it that way. San Antonio REALTORS® are a big part of that commitment and TREPAC will help you honor it.

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