Scam Alert 7-30-15

We have had reports of agents experiencing wire fraud incidents. These have typically occurred in the following ways:

First scenario:
•  The criminal sends the agent an email with a prospective offer on a listing, but in order to see it the agent must log in to Google Drive
(which looks deceptively real)
•  Once the agent logs in to Google Drive, the criminal captures the agent’s credentials for Gmail
•  The criminal then logs into the agent’s Gmail account and sets a filter that “hides” his or her conversations with the agent’s title company
•  Over a period of time (sometimes months) the criminal learns the agent’s writing style and intercepts wiring instructions
•  The criminal then forwards his or her wiring instructions and receives the money at funding

Second scenario:
•   The criminal logs into the agent’s email and learns the details of a transaction
•   The criminal then sends the Buyer an email that looks like it was from the title company, but actually is not. (It includes the same contact name,
signature block, same email address except for one different letter in the domain name)
•  The fake title company sends the Buyer an email providing “new wiring instructions.” The Buyer wires funds for the closing to that account.
The buyer then receives an email from the fake title company saying funds were received.
•  Seller receives an email from the fake title company saying proceeds have been wired out, but missed the 2:00 p.m. wire window and therefore
it will not fund until tomorrow. By the time a day passes, funds are gone.

Please change your email password, and be wary of these scams.


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