Scam Alert 7-22-13

Please be aware of this latest scam regarding property that is for sale being put on sites  like postlets and hotpads under the owners name for rent.  The actual owner shows as the individual with the ad; however, the contact information for the owner is not the owners.  A prospective renter sees the ad and starts a dialogue with the individual that is representing themselves as the owner of the property.  In the last couple of instances report the proposed owner claims to be out of town on doing missionary work.  After establishing a contact the person posing as the owner quotes deposits and asks if they can send a rental application.

A couple of the prospective tenants have been working with REALTORS and forwarded the email to their REALTOR®.

If you encounter a similar issue contact the seller.  Have them go to the site and have the property taken down.  Also, you may consider getting up a Google alert so that you can be notified regarding where your listed property appears.  If you catch a property that is for sale listed for rent you may want to investigate or notify the seller.

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